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Outreach and Inclusion

Shook Construction is a leader in promoting economic and local inclusion not only within our own workforce, but also within the construction industry and on our projects.

Our approach on every project is to maximize participation. We develop solid relationships with subcontractors and suppliers through respect and high ethics. We work with minority business councils to find qualified firms with the capacity to accomplish the work needed.

We proactively stimulate economic and local participation by using a three-pronged program of outreach, partnering and strategic bid package development.

Diversity Partners
One of the ways we enhance economic inclusion is by partnering with emerging minority businesses in long-term joint venture relationships. We meet with these firms regularly to both strategize joint work pursuits and discuss the mentoring assistance we can provide. In many cases, we market our firms using joint venture business cards and advertising collateral.

We purposefully have taken time to identify and learn about these companies before approaching them about a partnership and have encouraged their due diligence as well. These companies vary in experience, capabilities and geography; but, each aligns well with our corporate culture and each has a strategic focus in one or more market channels that mirror our own.

A few of our current diversity partners include: