At Shook, our Mission is DRAMATICALLY IMPROVING THE COMMUNITIES WE SERVE. It’s our purpose and our driving force—the reason we show up to work every day. We carry out our mission by being good stewards of our community in a variety of ways, each adding up to what we hope means we’re actually making a difference.  



In correlation with nearly every job we build, Shook completes a community outreach project to further benefit the community where the construction is taking place. With numerous offices and projects, our reach is far, and the list of service projects is long. Our greatest hope for each is always, without question, to make an impact and leave every community where we work, live and play better than when we found it.

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In 2022, we launched The Shook Foundation, which is funded and operated by our own employees and utilized to support the communities where we live, work and play. 


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To further embody our Mission, our leadership team has undergone training to better understand what it means to be good stewards of the community and are all active participants in civic organizations within the communities where they live and work.



We have been blessed with immeasurable talent and treasure and each day we work hard to build the infrastructure necessary to improve the communities we serve. There are, however, those around the world who struggle every day for the basic necessities we take for granted – clean water, healthcare, and education – the same essentials that we work to deliver every day on every project we build. It is ingrained in Shook’s culture to assist those in need, to have the courage to step outside our comfort zone, and to do good for others. Our Mission Trips send a group of Shook employees to a part of the globe where people truly lack the infrastructure that we can help provide. Not only do they assist a struggling community, but they also instill a global perspective in our employees. Shook has completed three company Mission Trips to date in an effort to make our Mission global.


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Shook is committed to doing our part to develop the workforce and support careers in construction. We partner with local school districts and universities to increase awareness of the trades and offer hands-on experience through workshops, presentations, co-op programs, etc. 


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We focus internally


We have identified goals for our workforce diversity and measure ourselves against them monthly via a global report from our President and CEO Chris Halapy. We believe this focus and transparency enhances our success towards this important objective. Similarly, we have a focus on diversity and representation within the pipeline of talent we are feeding into the organization. This has driven us to seek out partnerships and career pathways that are outside of our traditional recruiting grounds – which only makes us better.  

We collaborate broadly


In each of the geographies that we operate there is a stable of capable and like-minded organizations owned by female or minority leaders. We intentionally and continuously seek out close working relationships with these companies and look for opportunities to collaborate on work. The shared best practices and diversity of thought that we gain from these experiences enhances the value we provide to our customers.  

In addition, we partner with minority advocacy organizations to communicate work opportunities, enhance our network and relationships with local minority business leaders and to participate in dialogue about the challenges these companies face. These important community partners act as a hub for our outreach in the diverse business community.  

We deliver on our client’s inclusion and representation objectives.


Our mission is to “dramatically improve the communities we serve”. A core area where we serve this mission is through our outreach and engagement on our projects, providing opportunities for the local community to work, profit and grow. Through our continuous outreach and relationship building, we have a phenomenal track record of meeting and exceeding our client’s diversity participation goals.