Industrial Construction

Shook Construction has been providing construction services for major industrial buildings for over 50 years. Over that period, we have developed best practices for how to work in the heavy industrial environment. Safety is paramount and impacts every activity we perform, while 2nd- and 3rd-shift work is common-place and maintaining the facility’s operations is critical. Our industrial construction experience includes heavy manufacturing plants, along with food processing facilities, central utility plants and co-generation facilities.

Another advantage of our work in the industrial market includes our ability to self-perform on small package work and provide construction management services on multi-million dollar projects. But through it all, being a self-perform builder always has been core to our identity. We understand how to competitively get in, accomplish a scope of work, and get out…all with absolute minimal impact to the ongoing operations of a facility. We self-perform earthwork, selective demolition, concrete, rough carpentry and some process piping. We have past experience as a general contractor, competitively bidding package work to an EPC, providing construction management services or working as a design-build partner.


East Regional Chilled Water Plant

  • Project Location: Columbus, OH
  • Client: The Ohio State University
  • Project Size: 9,250 SF
  • Project Cost: $39 million

Renewable Energy Center

  • Project Location: Charleston, IL
  • Client: Eastern Illinois University
  • Project Size: 20,800 SF
  • Project Cost: $35 million


  • Project Location: Dayton, OH
  • Client: University of Dayton
  • Project Size: 138,000 SF
  • Project Cost: $42 million

Central Utility Plant

  • Project Location: Cincinnati, OH
  • Client: University of Cincinnati
  • Project Size: 28,000 SF
  • Project Cost: $86 million

Q-Lab Warehouse Addition

  • Project Location: Westlake, OH
  • Client: High Oaks Ltd.
  • Project Size: 13,000 SF
  • Project Cost: $2.7 million

Various Projects for Chrysler

  • Project Location: Kokomo and Tipton, IN
  • Client: Chrysler Corporation
  • Project Cost: $32 million to date

Various Projects for Ford

  • Project Location: Sharonville, OH
  • Client: Ford Motor Company
  • Project Cost: $20.7 million

Center for Tissue Innovation and Research

  • Project Location: Kettering, OH
  • Client: Community Blood Center
  • Project Size: 94,000 SF
  • Project Cost: $25 million

Heartland Pet Food – Foundation Package

  • Project Location: Richmond, IN
  • Client: Blue Buffalo
  • Project Cost: $2.6 million

Various Projects for DP&L

  • Project Location: Dayton, OH
  • Client: Dayton Power & Light
  • Project Cost: $4.1+ million

Adams County Maintenance Facility

  • Project Location: West Union, OH
  • Client: Ohio Department of Transportation
  • Project Cost: $4.2 million

Brown County Maintenance Facility

  • Project Location: Georgetown, OH
  • Client: Ohio Department of Transportation
  • Project Cost: $4.3 million

Ross County Maintenance Facility

  • Project Location: Chillicothe, OH
  • Client: Ohio Department of Transportation
  • Project Cost: $4.5 million

Sugar Creek CCI – T&M CM Services

  • Project Location: Cambridge City, IN
  • Client: Sugar Creek Packing Company
  • Project Cost: $80,200

Various Projects for Honda

  • Project Location: Anna, OH
  • Client: Honda of America
  • Project Size: 500,000+ SF
  • Project Cost: $4.7+ million