Shook’s robust Co-Op program dates more than 40 years and offers students the opportunity to join leaders of all levels that got their start as a Co-Op at Shook, including our President & CEO Chris Halapy. In fact, Chris is our fifth consecutive CEO to start as a Co-Op or immediately after college. The program incorporates training, mentorship, and a breadth of construction experience both on-site and in the office to expose the students to real-world situations.

“Being a Co-Op with Shook for five terms has given me so many experiences that cannot be replicated in a classroom. I have been very impressed with how they have worked to develop each Co-Op on an individual basis, providing opportunities and challenges that fit the needs and strengths of each student. Having the opportunity to work in multiple market channels and with different teams has personally given me the chance to find out what I truly enjoy doing and to pursue it with a passion. I eagerly await joining the Shook family once I finish my schooling.”  Troy Abele, University of Cincinnati
Shook Co-Op Tour 2022
Shook Co-Op Troy Abele

Shook has Co-Ops across the states of Ohio, North Carolina, and Indiana from a range of majors, including construction management, civil, mechanical and environmental engineering, and marketing, to name a few. We have worked with students from numerous different colleges and universities to provide mentorship for their future careers. Each Co-Op is assigned a mentor to help guide their path, answer questions, and make sure their goals for the term are met.

“Since I started as a Co-Op with Shook, I was taken in as part of the family, especially out here on the Toledo Project. Most Co-Ops have one or two people that truly mentor them, but I have a group of 10 that continue to help me and challenge me to be my best. The biggest thing I love about working with Shook is the variety of projects that you can be exposed to even on just one job. I have learned so much over the last 14 months and I look forward to the new challenges coming my way soon!” – Emma Fisher, The University of Toledo
Shook Co-Op Tour - Signet Hangar
Emma Fisher

Throughout their term, our Co-Ops tour various construction sites together to gain exposure to different market channels and phases of construction. From water and wastewater treatment plants to new schools, students are introduced to the similarities and differences across market channels to help form their career path and have a better understanding of Shook’s multitude of work across the company. Additionally, it offers them a chance to build camaraderie amongst their peers and allows our newer Co-Ops to interact and learn from our tenured Co-Ops.

Co-Ops are also encouraged to partake in Shook’s rich culture. From volunteering with their project teams to further our Mission, To Dramatically Improve the Communities We Serve, and attending social outings with their local office or market channels, our Co-Ops are a valued part of our team and considered part of our Shook family from their first day. 

Volunteering at CORS Greenville
Co-Op and PE Outing

At the end of each term, our Co-Ops complete exit interviews with their mentor and Co-Op coordinator to help us learn and continue to improve the quality of our Co-Op program. In August 2019, one of our outgoing Co-Ops suggested it would be beneficial to have an opportunity to improve their presentation skills and share their Co-Op experiences with the company. Our team recognized the value in this suggestion as a great networking experience for our Co-Ops and an opportunity for our Shook teammates to learn more about our various Co-Ops and projects. Today, the Look Back, Look Ahead: Co-Op Presentations are a company-wide event at the end of each term. Each student has approximately 5-10 minutes to share their experience on their project and present their learnings to the company. 

"Shook taught me a lot about being a leader and the tools needed to succeed on and off the job.” – Joseph Spitler, University of Cincinnati
“I am blown away by the level of self-reflection our Co-Ops exhibit when sharing their final presentations. The fact that they come into this role looking to identify their weaknesses so that they can continue to address them, both in their course of study and personally, is incredibly mature and inspiring. Personally, I did Co-Ops at two different companies (Shook being one of them) and my most important lesson, which I was not looking for and did not expect, was an understanding of the importance of the culture of the company where I worked. At some level, the work is similar regardless of where you are; thus, the culture becomes the differentiator. I connected deeply with Shook’s culture, and for that reason accepted my full-time offer from Shook over other competing offers. I am proud to have celebrated my 25th anniversary here this year. I’ve never been motivated to leave, and I’ve always believed that I’d do my best work in the place where I was happiest, which has been true for me here at Shook.” – Chris Halapy, President and CEO

Shook recognizes that our Co-Ops are productive members of the team and have brought incredible value to our projects over the years. Their talent, fresh perspectives, and desire to learn and grow the business have helped Shook achieve growth. Our Co-Op program has been key to bolstering our recruitment efforts and adding sustained talent to our team full-time.

“As one of the first few Co-Ops in the company’s history beginning work here well over forty years ago, I can say without reservation that this sustained Co-Op program over time has worked to help create a homegrown talent base in this company that rivals any I’ve seen around the country. You combine that homegrown talent with seasoned talent from other firms that match our culture, and you’ve cracked the code on creating a winning organization. All we have to sell at the end of the day is our talent, and nobody beats our talent and culture.” – Bill Whistler, Chairman of the Board


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