Shook Construction provides a variety of services for a diverse mix of projects using all delivery methods. That mix of successful projects gives us a deep understanding of the needs for collaboration, trust, team building and meeting client expectations. For a side-by-side comparison of these project delivery methods, please click here.

Agency Construction Management

  • Owner holds contracts
  • CM oversees the construction process acting as the owner’s representative
  • Emphasis on agency CM input during design
  • Qualification-based selection process

Construction Management-at-Risk (CMR)

  • Substantial discretion and authority to manage all phases of a construction project
  • CMR holds and manages the subcontractor contracts
  • CMR must provide guaranteed maximum price at predetermined point in design
  • Emphasis on CMR input during design
  • Qualification-based selection process

Design Assist

  • Extension of CMR that includes design-build portions
  • Contractor brought on board early in process
  • Contractor has greater input on the design on certain portions of the project


  • Contractor holds contracts
  • Provides both the design and construction services
  • Construction often starts before design completion, thus compressing project schedule
  • Must provide guaranteed maximum price
  • Emphasis on designing to a project’s budget
  • Qualification based selection process

General Contract (single prime)

  • Provides construction services for a project
  • Communication mainly through the designer to the owner
  • Design is complete prior to construction award
  • Design changes easily accommodated prior to start of construction, but not afterwards
  • Construction cost unknown until project is bid
  • Requires competent owner’s representative
  • Typically a low bid selection process

Integrated Project Delivery

  • Tri-party agreement among owner, designer and contractor
  • Involvement of key subcontractors at design inception
  • Qualifications-based selection

Acting as an extension of our clients’ staff, our integrated preconstruction and construction team provides meaningful cost, schedule and constructability input throughout the design process. We focus on gaining an understanding of your goals, working with you and the designer to create a program that will meet your budget. Then we plan all aspects of your project, working towards efficiency in construction by anticipating and mitigating issues that could arise from existing conditions and coordination errors or omissions.

Adding flexibility to your project, we offer self-perform services to help keep the project moving forward quickly. We offer a workforce available to perform the following at a moment’s notice:

  • General carpentry
  • Concrete
  • Millwork
  • Miscellaneous metals
  • Process pipe and equipment
  • Site/civil work
  • Demolition

We can mobilize field personnel quickly and perform work 24-hours a day as well as on weekends to achieve project goals. This is especially important for jobs that have fast-tracked project schedules.

In this role, we operate as an extension of our client’s staff, overseeing both project construction and facilities management. We create a “construction program” in which we manage design review, budgeting, scheduling, quality control, safety and security, as well as other client-requested items. This approach is best suited for an organization with multiple projects or facilities because it provides a consistent, measurable program through every phase of the construction process which can be extended to any location or facility.