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Mission Critical / Data Center Construction

When managing the construction in an active mission critical facility, the priorities of on time and on budget are further complicated by the need to constantly maintain facility operations without incident. This is accomplished by establishing a clear method of procedures for any work that will be completed and by addressing issues like dust protection, negative air pressure, vibration and moisture minimization, and maintenance window work. To provide a uniform and consistent process for addressing these challenges, Shook created a standard Network Awareness Training (NAT) program that every worker must complete before they are able to set foot on any of our mission critical jobsites. This training program has been adopted nationally by one of our major telecommunications clients and now is responsible for training more than 13,000 contractors each year.

Any data center, telecommunications building or call center is criticaly dependent on its mechanical and electrical systems to maintain the building environment necessary for operation. For this reason, the MEP trades are critical to the project’s overall success. Shook has developed a substantial following of Class-A subcontractors who have been prequalified and are capable of performing this type of work. This ensures that not only our clients will receive competitive pricing, but also the companies submitting bid will be capable of managing the work.

Macy's Lorain Data Center, a mission critical project

Lorain Data Center, Phases 1, 2 & 3

  • Project Location: Lorain, OH
  • Client: Macy’s / Speelman Electric
  • Project Cost: $1.7 million

Cuyahoga County's Emergency Operations Center, a mission critical project

Emergency Operations Center

  • Project Location: Cleveland, OH
  • Client: Cuyahoga County
  • Project Size: 44,000 SF
  • Project Cost: $24 million

Polyone Data Center, Avon Lake, OH, a mission critical project

PolyOne Corporate Data Center

  • Project Location: Avon Lake, OH
  • Client: PolyOne Corporation
  • Project Cost: $2.2 million

AT&T Program Management Contract, a mission critical project

AT&T Program Management Contract

  • Project Location: Ohio and Indiana
  • Client: AT&T Corporate Real Estate
  • Project Size: 6,230 separate task order contracts
  • Project Cost: $410 million

AT&T Akron Data Center, a mission critical project

Akron Critical Call and Data Center

  • Project Location: Akron, OH
  • Client: AT&T Corporate Real Estate
  • Project Size: 27,500 SF
  • Project Cost: $13 million

UCRC II Data Center Upgrade

  • Project Location: Cleveland, OH
  • Client: University Hospital
  • Project Cost: $4.1 million

Main Equipment Room at JP Morgan Chase, a mission critical project

Main Equipment Room Renovation

  • Project Location: Columbus, OH
  • Client: JP Morgan Chase
  • Project Size: 2,000,000 SF
  • Project Cost: $3.5 million

Regional Network Center for Verizon Wireless, a mission critical project

Regional Network Center

  • Project Location: Lewis Center, OH
  • Client: Verizon Wireless
  • Project Size: 48,000 SF
  • Project Cost: $5.2 million

Bridgestone Americas – Akron Data Center Upgrade

  • Project Location: Akron, OH
  • Client: Bridgestone Americas, Inc.
  • Project Size: 84,000 SF
  • Project Cost: $9.6 million

Data Center Renovation at Case Western Reserve University, a mission critical project

Kelvin Smith Library and Crawford Hall Data Center

  • Project Location: Cleveland, OH
  • Client: Case Western Reserve University
  • Project Size: 5,000 SF
  • Project Cost: $5.5 million

AT&T Sterling Commerce, a mission critical project

Sterling Commerce Data Center

  • Project Location: Columbus, OH
  • Client: AT&T Corporate Real Estate
  • Project Size: 10,000 SF
  • Project Cost: $5.9 million