March 13, 2024 Mission

Thailand Mission Trip: Thank You!

Thailand Mission Trip Thank You

Our team has officially been home from Thailand for just over a week and has finally kicked the jetlag. The team completed their mission and all they set out to accomplish (and more)! They come home changed, with the joy of the children as a reminder of the hope that can be found in every situation.

This mission would not have been possible without so many people who contributed to its success. We would like to pass along our deepest thanks to the following people:

  • GROW Staff and Children: For following through on all your commitments to make this project possible. More importantly, for opening up your home and hearts to us, and allowing us to witness the incredible community you built. For your hospitality, the incredible food, snacks and gifts you showered our team with, and for your love. Over the course of eight days, we became a family and will share a bond for a lifetime.
  • Thai Construction Crew: For allowing our team to work alongside you for a week and learn new techniques. Your team's work ethic, expertise, and willingness to have 10 of us on your construction site was beyond impressive. It was an honor to work together! 
  • Shook Mission Trip Team: For the grit demonstrated and dedication to our core values. For sacrificing your accustomed level of care and being susceptible to learning, growth, and change. You are all rock stars!
  • Our Families: For the sacrifices made to allow us to go around the world for two weeks – a true mission itself. Your support was instrumental to the success of the mission.
  • Our community and Shook teammates: For your encouragement before, during and after the trip, and for those who brought in donations to help us further the impact of the mission. The night we gave the kids their gifts was a truly special night, and each of you who contributed made that possible.
  • The Arnold Family: For recommending GROW as a potential partner for the Mission Trip, and for your advice as we prepared to head to Thailand to serve. You nailed it!
  • Dr. Roger & Katy Pacholka: For donating your time to provide medical consults for our team ahead of the trip and being on-call while we were in Thailand.

THANK YOU! We hope to continue sharing our story with our clients, industry partners, and more over the next few months. This chapter has ended but the story is not finished – the impact made on our team will last a lifetime!

Thailand Mission Trip Thank You
Thailand Mission Trip Thank You