Project:                Winding Pines Pump Station

                                  Cary, NC

Bid Due:               November 9, 2021 at 1:30 PM

                                **Please send scope/quotes no later than 10:00 AM to allow for proper analysis**



Project Notes:

The work will consist of the furnishing and installing all equipment, superintendence, labor, skills, material and all other items necessary for construction of the Winding Pines PS, including but not limited to pump station structure and interior equipment and piping, standby generator, sanitary sewer and force main piping with connections, grading, paving, access road, sedimentation and erosion control, electrical work, instrumentation and controls, all related items, and all other work necessary to render the facilities complete and operational.

The project is taxable. 

Scope Items Include: General Conditions, Demolition, blasting, rock anchors, clearing, earthwork, aggregate, geotextiles, erosion control, paving, fencing, grading, landscaping, concrete formwork, reinforced steel, concrete accessories, concrete joints, cast-in-place concrete, concrete finishes, precast concrete, bypass pumping, precast concrete stairs, precast concrete structures (manholes, catch basin), precast concrete planks, steel trusses, retaining walls (MSE Walls), masonry, misc. metals, railings & handrails, grating, hatches, waterproofing, roof specialties, sealants, doors & windows, painting, louvers, fire extinguishers, pumps, bar screens, conveying systems, ductile iron pipe, FRP, Pipe supports, valves, fire hydrants, fire protection, sprinklers, heat tracing, plumbing, HVAC, electrical and Instrumentation & Controls.