March 2016

Supporting Something Bigger Than Ourselves

2016-03-30T08:16:23-04:00March 30th, 2016|Community|

Imagine being a part of something amazing… Something bigger than first glances.

Shook Construction loves sponsoring the teams for which our kids play. One such team is the Shook Construction Junior Baseball Team in Troy, Ohio. On the surface, it is “just” the team that Staff Accountant Nicole Seger’s husband coaches. It is “just” the team on which her son plays, along with Lead Estimator Steve Bornhorst’s grandson.

But dig deeper and we find an amazing story of a young boy named Bryson Brock.

Bryson Brock

Last March, 8-year-old Bryson was burned severely in a backyard fire. So much so, he was given only a 13% chance to live. THIRTEEN PERCENT! Nurses said he was the biggest burn victim they had ever seen. He spent five months in the hospital, hooked up to every machine imaginable. Every tube was pumping everything possible into his precious little body. He underwent multiple surgeries and intense therapy– and still has many more surgeries to endure in the years to come. Through this hardship, Bryson showed bravery, determination, fight and compassion.

Now today… Bryson is living as any kid should live, thanks to many prayers and to the staff at Shriners Hospital for Children. Not only is he part of the Shook Construction Junior Baseball Team, but also he is jumping, climbing, riding bikes and playing basketball!

These stories remind us that we are a part of something bigger and that above all else, family is something we should never take for granted.

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