April 2019

Employee Spotlight: Kelsey Greco

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Kelsey Greco’s passion for design helped pave the way that led her to Shook. Raised in a family that worked in construction, she has always had an interest in it. Now, she is forging her own path as she explores new roles and responsibilities at the company.  

What inspired you to get into this career?

My parents both worked in construction, so I was always around it growing up. That, combined with a love for design, made it inevitable that I ended up on the same path.

Briefly describe your career path to date.

I completed my degrees in Construction Management and Architecture at the Ohio State University and worked as an intern. After graduation, I joined the Shook team as a Project Engineer, then entered the field as a Superintendent. I plan to continue moving in this direction in my career.

What are the most important qualities of a leader?

One of the most important qualities of a leader is to be respectable. This doesn’t happen overnight; you must work hard to earn it from the crew.

What does safety mean to you?

To me, safety is to never compromise a person’s well-being to finish a job. We work in a stressful environment, but it’s never worth it to take shortcuts and risk an accident.

Who inspires you?

My parents are my biggest inspiration. My father is a carpenter and has built homes he designed, while my mother works as an accountant for a construction company. They work on the residential side of construction and I have seen what they have been able to accomplish with rather difficult upbringings. They inspired me to go into the larger, commercial side of the industry to help create better buildings and structures for society.

What is the most important lesson you have learned in the last year?

This year taught me how important it is to pay attention to detail and to plan ahead. Understanding the project, scheduling in advance, and conferring with the experts helps keep work flowing and problems under control. The goal is to be proactive, not reactive.

What piece of technology helps you most with your job? And why?

Having an iPad and PlanGrid on the job site is helpful. I can review, mark up, and search drawings in the field without flipping through pages or trying to remember the location of every detail. Being able to use 3D models helps solve problems ahead of time.

May 2017

Employee Spotlight: Steve Seal

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Employee Spotlight: Steve Seal

Steve Seal has seen and built a lot of things in his 33 years in the industry. After starting in the field as a carpenter and then field superintendent, Steve went to University of Akron to earn his degree in construction technology. While attending college, Steve served as a co-op at Shook Construction. His technical expertise and laid back personality are a great fit with our team. We hired him upon graduation and have appreciated his contributions to our team ever since. He is currently working as a project manager within our healthcare business segment.

What inspired you to get into this career?

I love working with wood, tearing things apart and then putting them back together.

 Do you have a specific approach or philosophy you use to tackle challenges as they arise on site?

If I don’t have the answer, I reach out to my network to help find solutions.

What is a specific skill-set or attribute you possess that you believe adds value to your projects?

Since I started working in the field first, it helped me learn how everything goes together on a construction project. This helps me today with planning, scheduling, knowledge of all the work/disciplines, troubleshooting problems and finding solutions.

What is the most important thing you do each day when prepping for your workday?

Having a plan a day or two ahead of time and then continually prioritizing the items as things change.

What are the most important qualities of a leader?

A leader takes ownership of the processes, delegates clear responsibilities, follows up with the team, and treats team members like they bring value to the project.