Mallard Ph. 1A Expansion

$6,000,000 - Bids 1/21/21

Project:         Mallard Ph. 1A Expansion

Charlotte, NC

Bid Due:        January 21, 2021 at 10AM

                        **Please send scope/quotes no later than 1/20/21 @ 5:00 PM to allow for proper analysis**


Project Notes:

Shook Construction is bidding on the above-referenced project as a prime contractor and are soliciting proposals from qualified minority, female and small businesses registered with the City of Charlotte.  The project bids on January 21, 2021 at 10:00 AM.  However, in order for us to prepare the bid documents for submittal by the published bid time, we ask that quotes be submitted no later than 5:00 PM January 20, 2021 to or fax: (866) 652-7331.

The project consists of improvements that will allow the plant to expand to 13.1 MGD when combined with the Reliability and UV Improvements upgrades project that is currently under construction. Phase 1A includes the construction of a new Blower Building and blowers, process air piping, and diffusers for Biological Process Train 3. The new Blower Building will have an Electrical Room, Storage Room, and Process Room. The Process Room will house three new blowers to meet the air demand of Train 3 and have space for two additional blowers for future needs.

Sales tax is NOT to be included when submitting a quote and there are prevailing wage requirements.

Scope Items Include: General Conditions, Inspection/Testing, Signage, Demolition, Erosion Control, Paving, Precast Manholes/Frames/Covers, Fencing, Concrete, Sitework, Excavation, Dewatering, Landscaping, Seeding, Hauling, Aggregate, Concrete Formwork, Cast in Place Concrete, Masonry, Misc. Metal Fabrications, Ductile Iron Pipe, Structural Metals, Anchors, Hangers & Supports, Louvers, Damp-proofing & Joint Sealants, Access Doors/Hardware, Overhead Coiling Doors, Aluminum-Framed Storefronts, Flooring, Glazing, Paint & Protective Coatings, Insulation, Fire Protection, HVAC, Electrical, Pumping, Treatment Plant Equipment, Instrumentation and Controls, SCADA and  Pipe/Valves/Gates.

Documents must be handled during bidding in accordance with the City of Charlottes’s secure document control requirements.  Subcontractors and suppliers may obtain the documents from the City of Charlotte or may contact us via email to request a secure link to download bid documents free of charge.

NOTE:   The City of Charlotte requires all Subcontractors and Suppliers to be Vendor Certified through their website. Please submit the vendor number with your bid to avoid the bid day rush.

Shook Construction agrees to provide quick pay, within twenty (20) days after confirmation that performance has been properly completed, to all Minority and Small Business contractors and suppliers in connection with this contract.  Interested subcontractors can also contact us to obtain information or assistance regarding bonding or insurance required.

To apply for this job email your details to

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