High Service Pump Station Improvements

$25,000,000 - Bids 12/15/20

Project:   High Service Pump Station Improvements

                 Toledo, OH


Bid Due:  December 15, 2020 at 1:30 PM

***Please send scope/quotes no later than 10:00 AM to allow for proper analysis***


Contact:  estimating@shookconstruction.com


Project Notes:

The majority of the project is located at the High Service Pump Station (HSPS) at the City of Toledo’s Water Treatment Plant at 3040 York Street, Toledo, OH  43605.  Project also includes replacing the roofing and other misc. exterior work at the Generator Building, as well as fire alarm work at numerous buildings on the Collins Park site.  Project is tax exempt, and prevailing wage rates apply.

Scope Items:

General Conditions, Sitework & Utilities, Selective Demolition, Sand & Gravel Supply, Ready Mix Supply, Concrete Formwork, Reinforcing Steel, Masonry, Masonry Repair, Metal Fabrications, Railings/Grating, Solid Surface Countertops, EPDM Roofing, Joint Sealants, Doors/Frames/Hardware, Aluminum Storefronts & Glazing, Framing/Drywall/ATC, Ceramic Tiling, Resinous Flooring, Paint & Protective Coatings, Misc. Specialties, Louvers, Signage, Lockers, Treatment Plant Equipment, PLAM Cabinets, Fire Alarm, Plumbing, HVAC,  Process Piping & Valves, Electrical and Cabling.

Documents must be handled during bidding in accordance with the City of Toledo’s secure document control requirements.  Subcontractors and suppliers may obtain the documents from the City of Toledo (refundable deposit required) or may contact us via email to request a secure link to download bid documents free of charge.

NOTE:   The City of Toledo requires Prime Bidders to submit the Primary/Subcontractor Agreement Certificate forms from ALL subcontractors and suppliers used in our bid with our bid submittal.  To avoid the bid day rush, please fill out the Subcontractor Agreement form without pricing and send back to us ASAP.  We will fill in the pricing according to the quote you submit at bid time.

To apply for this job email your details to jtrittschuh@shookconstruction.com

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