Burtonville Reservoirs Rehabilitation Project

$1,000,000 - Bids 1/20/21 (Per Add1)

Project:   Burtonville Reservoirs Rehabilitation Project

                Contract 2020-001

                Wilmington, OH

Bid Due:  January 20, 2021 at 12:00 PM (Per Addendum 1)

       ***Please send scope/quotes no later than 8:00 AM to allow for proper analysis***


Contact:  estimating@shookconstruction.com


Project Notes:

The Work includes demolition of Burtonville Reservoir No. 1 Inlet Structure, construction of a new Reservoir No. 1 Inlet, demolition of Burtonville Reservoir No. 1 Outlet Structure, construction of a new Reservoir No. 1 Outlet Structure, replacement of miscellaneous yard valves, replacement of sluice gates in the Reservoir No. 2 Outlet Structure, removal of emergency overflow pipes in Reservoir Nos. 1 and 2 berm restoration, and addition of an emergency shutoff to Cowan Creek Pump Station motor controls connected to new level sensors in both reservoirs.  Project is tax exempt and Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rates apply.

Scope Items Include:

General Conditions, Demolition, Reinforcing Steel, Ready Mix Supply, Railings, Gratings, Caulking & Sealants, Gangway, Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls, Excavation & Backfill, Aggregate Supply, Dewatering, Erosion Control, Fencing, Site Utilities, Process Piping/Valves/Gates and Davit Cranes.

Bid documents can be downloaded from the link below.

Burtonville Reservoirs Rehabilitation Project – Wilmington, OH:

To apply for this job email your details to jtrittschuh@shookconstruction.com

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