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Celebrating 90 Years

As we celebrate our 90th anniversary, we remember our humble beginnings along with WHY we do what we do. It goes beyond simply loving our work; we serve a higher purpose.

In 1922, Charles H. Shook took a leap of faith by quitting an architectural firm in order to bid as a contractor on their General Motors project involving the design of the Frigidaire Plant in Moraine in Ohio. After several years getting additional construction experience under his belt, Mr. Shook officially started Chas. H. Shook, Inc. in December 1926 with the modest sum of $500 in working capital. The rest–as they say–is history.

Founder Charles H. Shook as we celebrate 90 years

The company we know and love today is a reflection of the high ethics and hard work of not only Mr. Shook, but also the individuals who have led this company in subsequent years. Shook Construction continues to provide exemplary service to our clients and seeks always to do a better job on the next project.

Not many construction companies can tout a 90-year history. We are proud to have reached this milestone and are looking forward to another 90 years.

You can read more about where we think we’re headed in this news article celebrating our 90 years.