March 2017

Our Core Values: Quality

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Quality: core values

We operate by a core set of nine values. This month, we focus on quality.

Quality equals building excellence. Our goal is to ensure our clients are receiving the construction project they expect for the dollars they are investing. Why do we do this? First, it is the right thing to do. Second, we cannot be a successful company by offering sub-par quality. We are proud of our “reputation built on performance”—and performance begins with quality.

It is important to us to establish the standard and measure quality from the beginning of a project rather than simply evaluating quality at the end of a project. What processes do we have in place to ensure that every project is a quality one? Here are just a few:

3D Modeling

We create a detailed model that shows the work in place, which helps trade contractors visualize their scope of work. We also use the model to coordinate building elements and to plan the project’s sequencing and durations.

Quality: BIM Images

Mock-Ups and First-in-Place Inspections

Particularly for projects that contain repetitive spaces (such as hospital patient rooms), we use a first-in-place inspection process. This involves the inspection of the first piece of work put in place to verify quality. This install then becomes the quality standard for the balance of the project.  This process can include mock-ups of a specific area, which our team reviews for quality (and our owners review for aesthetics and functionality).

Weekly Progress Meetings

We hold weekly job coordination meetings with subcontractors, trades and material suppliers during which we review schedule, coordination of work, quality of work and safety/security requirements.

Quality Control Checklist

Each of our field personnel carry a pocket-sized quality control checklist, which breaks down standards of work by division. This provides us a portable tool to review the quality of work with each of our subcontractors.

Ongoing Punch Lists

We do not believe in waiting until the end of the project to develop a punch list. We create an ongoing punch list at the beginning of a project so that our subcontractors can correct deficiencies in a timely manner. We review this punch list at our weekly progress meetings. We also encourage our owners and design partners to participate in developing the punch list items. This helps our subcontractors understand the expectations early on in the project and facilitates prompt close-out of the job.

Employee Spotlight: John Cleveland

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Employee Spotlight: John Cleveland

John Cleveland has grown up in the Shook family. He started as a co-op while studying construction management at Bowling Green State University in Ohio and made such an impression that he’s continued to be part of our team for the last 18 years. He currently serves as a project manager within our Water Resources Midwest Region.

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

Upgrading the Sidney Wastewater Treatment Plant disinfection process away from using chlorine gas to using ultraviolet light instead. It’s a new process for this facility and will result in decreasing the amount of chemicals discharged into the Miami River.

Do you have a specific approach or philosophy you use to tackle challenges as they arise on site?

I am fortunate to work with some really experienced and talented people. A lot of our field people bring years of experience and knowledge to the table. I tap into their knowledge for solutions to challenges. Chances are somebody working out there has seen it before.

What is the most important thing you do each day when prepping for your workday?

Pre-planning our tasks so they are completed safely. This company has a terrific culture of safety first. Making sure we think things out ahead of time and plan properly so they are done safely so that everyone goes home at night is the most important thing I do each day.

What are the most important qualities of a leader?

The ability to listen, the ability to trust those around him/her, and the ability to pause to think before reacting.

Who inspires you?

My two young sons inspire me. They inspire me to be a better father, husband, friend, co-worker and project manager. The responsibility of fatherhood makes me want to be a better man.