DHL Administration Building

Shook's DHL Administration Building Addition Project consisted of a 50,000 SF, two story addition to the original administration building. The sites air hub and adjacent building had to remain operational throughout the construction process with minimal disruption to the employees and the business at hand. With security restrictions in place by the Transportation Security Administration, our workers were faced with the same stringent security that any traveler would face in a commercial airport. One of the highlights of the project was the installation of a new 2000 KVA transformer, which took place while the building's computers and simulators were attached to a temporary transformer and generator. This part of the project took place on a weekend with our construction teams on site 24 hours a day from Friday to Sunday to minimize disruption during the work week. During the course of the project, Shook was also awarded the new construction of a smaller building on site. This project was awarded a Build Ohio Finalist award.

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