Shook Accomplishes Huge Feat

April 4, 2015, 2:41 pm

What can you achieve in a mere four weeks? How about 80,000 SF of equipment demolition and 64,000 SF of concrete replacement! This is exactly what Shook accomplished for Chrysler Corporation’s plant in Kokomo, Indiana. The project involved shutting down a portion of the plant for four weeks while we performed the following: Chrysler 4-week Shutdown Project table What’s more impressive than the extensive project scope? While a common type of project, this is the first time Chrysler has experienced an equipment demolition project with zero safety incidents or accidents. We attribute this success not only to the quality of our safety program, but also to our employees’ commitment to safety and our extensive pre-planning process. Chrysler Shut-Down Project2 You also can view a time lapse video of the equipment demolition portion of the project, which spanned only two weeks!

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